Marina Abdel Shahid, has always been proud of her Egyptian roots with a passion for traveling. After graduating from University and roaming around the world, she discovered that Egypt is in fact one of the greatest civilizations in the world. Later in 2019, she decided to defy all the stereotypes about how the Ancient Egyptian history is usually portrayed and decided to combine her love for fashion and storytelling, to tell her ancestors’ stories through designs and stories devoted to each piece. She Launched her brand -Nebet, in January 2020, with a vision to enable her customers to become ambassadors for one of the greatest civilizations in the world- Egypt.

Our Founder

Who is Nebet?

Nebet is the first recorded female Prime Minister in the Ancient Egyptian History; she was appointed by Pharaoh Pepi I in the 6th dynasty. The Prime Minister paramount duty was to supervise the running of the country. Since this position required a lot of skills in different fields, the Prime Minister had to be extremely intelligent, very knowledgeable, well educated, and highly moral. Nebet in hieroglyphics portrays two words that sounded identical. Neb, "all" and Neb, "Lady". The glyph was used interchangeably in our logo to represent both concepts. We believe what Nebet had accomplished in her life is noteworthy of how "Ladies" should use "all" their skills, education, and knowledge to have a significant impact on the world.